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Nov 9

Help! I need advice about to choose between SMJK or SMK ? And property to buy ?


I am currently residing in Penang with my std 5 son( born in KL) in a Sjkc , Penang. Thinking to move to KL for his form 1 on 2021. But confuse about :

1.where to buy a descent freehold property that has ammenities and not too far from school, since I dont drive.


2. Which good school to enroll ?

Its a SMJK or SMK ? since my son is now in a sts 5 , Sjkc Chinese medium.

His academic now score 5As.

We speak English at home.

His BM is average.


3. after std 6, and we choose to enroll to a SMJk, apply thru PPd, will it be difficult to be approved ? Because it is transfer school from Penang to KL ,

And if the application is failed, and we appeal, will it be rejected ?


Because it will be big problem after we buy a property near the school and fail to enroll to the school.


4. Any area in KL or Selangor that have some Good schools surrounding ? So If fail to enroll a school, can have options to enroll other nearby schools.


Thank you so much.




Thank you so much. Actually I also had made my request joining thru that link. Let me check whether the admin had approved it

Hi, can help to approve my request ?

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