Cozy Kidz House

Cozy Kidz House

Registration is now available for Secondary School Tuition Dec 2020 Intake at Cozy Kidz House. Currently running online 100%, students will have a choice to attend online or revert to physical classes with SOPs in place once CMCO is lifted. Package deal available for a limited time. 

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IGCSE Preparation Course for Kids

IGCSE Preparation Course for Kids

January 2021 intake is now open for IGCSE Preparation course at British Council Malaysia.

Suitable for any child or teenager between the ages of 13 to 17, the IGCSE preparation course gives teens the confidence, language and skills they need to excel in the IGCSE exam.


While primarily for international school students, this course is also very popular with teens from other educational backgrounds.

The exam techniques teens learn support them in other subjects, especially those that require extended writing, such as history, geography and science.

Sri KDU International School Digital Info Week

DIW 800 x 1200.png

Looking for a school? Check out Sri KDU International School Klang, ASEAN's first Microsoft Flagship School. The school is having its first Digital Info Week from 6th to 9th December 2020. This is a great time for you to find out more about the school, view the campus, talk to teachers and even let your child try out an e-trial class! 


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Intensive Language Programmes for ages 4 - 5

Intensive A&B_800p(W)x 1200p(L).png

Designed specially for 4 - 5 years old, the Intensive Language Programmes aim to improve your child's English language proficiency to get the best possible start to their English Language education. 

The Intensive Language Programmes focus on reading and writing skills of your child. In addition, emphasis on numeracy, knowledge and understanding of the world, art, drama, music, social-emotional skills and 21st century skills make this an all-rounded education for young learners.

These programmes run from Monday - Friday, 9am till 1pm and are taught by experienced teachers.

Controlling Nearsightedness

Ocuviq-Ortho-K-sleeping girl 800x1200-01

Does your child always squint or rub his/her eyes when trying to look at far away objects? Or does your child always read his/her book at a very close distance? 

Your child could be suffering from myopia. 

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