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Looking For Tuition?

Hello Parents,

For your information, all posts seeking or recommending tuition will now be moved to our upgraded Parents Tutors Forum with immediate effect. This will make the posts easier to search for and more importantly, it will not distract from our main discussion on the Facebook Group.

The main discussion this week are on the following topics:

  1. Do you pack food as well as give pocket money for your child?

  2. Preparing for P1 (Keeping your options open)

  3. Preparing for P1 (when your child's BM is poor)

  4. How to teach your 6 year old addition and subtraction with missing numbers

  5. What to do when your 7 year old is not interested in Maths

  6. How many hours a day do you allow your child to watch TV?

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Free Printable PT3 Planner

Free Printable PT3 Planner

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