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Education News Roundup 7 Nov 2017

We do a weekly summary of all the ongoing discussion by parents on educational matters. This makes it easy for busy parents to quickly catch up with what's happening without wasting time browsing and searching for news.

In the same vein, recently we started doing an education news roundup to put together the latest national educational news that may affect parents. Here's this week's summary:

In the cost of children's education, we find out how parents are making sacrifices to fund their children's education. In Johor parents are turning to other alternatives in Johor due to rising costs of education across the causeway for non-Singaporeans.

Meanwhile up north, we read about the closure and eventual privatization of 3 convent schools in Penang. Also in Penang, we read about how some SPM candidates are wading through floods to sit for the exams.

Parents with kids in preschool should note that preschool educators have until 2020 to secure at least a diploma. Read about how much the educators are earning and more in this news on preschool educators under pressure to meet deadline.

Finally, will environmental studies be included as a subject in school in the future. A proposal for environmental education to be included as a subject in the primary and secondary school syllabus is expected to be presented to the Cabinet next year More to come next week. Stay tuned.

Click here for school holiday programmes for November/December 2017 if you are looking for one.

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