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Test Papers Bank Password Has Been Changed

For those who are not familiar with our platform, we have a bank of test papers shared by parents of our FB group with one another. This test papers bank is open only to members of our group who are parents for their personal use. Parents need to share a minimum of 4 papers to get access to the papers shared by other parents. We change the password every six months to keep it fresh and updated with the latest papers. Parents with children in P1 in 2019 who do not have any past or recent papers to share can request for the password first and share later. Since there are no exams for tahap 1 with effect from this year, you can share your assessment papers instead of the term exam papers. Although there are no exams, these papers are still useful for children to use as practice to assess their knowledge of the syllabus covered in school. Parents with kids in P1 in 2019 please proceed here. Parents with kids in P2 and above in 2019 please proceed here. Here is where to go to view the album of notification of letters from schools on registration requirements Most of the topics raised this week are all about parents asking for school recommendations and reviews. Meanwhile here are some popular topics from this week: - Our primary school group reached a new milestone. 30000 members and growing! - How to instill the reading habits in kids

- What to do if your child is not paying attention in class? - At what age did your child receive his first mobile phone? - What to do if child is punished for not having a book? That's all for the week. Good luck to all parents doing registration for Std 1 for 2020/2021 intake. Koay Joo Bee Admin and Founder

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