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From Preschool to Primary School

During the first few years of our children's lives, we face many new challenges and excitement, the first time they sit up, the first time they crawl, the first time they take solids and so forth. In no time at all, they have become preschoolers and off to primary school and we face a set of new challenges as parents. This week we explore some of the challenges during our group discussion.

- What is the most suitable age to go to preschool? (HMHD)

- Have your P1 kids settled down? Have you? (MPSP) - Tuition teacher for my preschooler keep on changing rates. (MPSP)

- How to teach your P1 child street smarts so they won't be bullied (MPSP) - Non-Chinese parent sending to SJKC. How to cope with the language barrier (MPSP)

- How to wash off bad stains from school uniforms? (HMHD)

- Why is "Bina Ayat" for "Karangan" so outdated and stereotypical? (HMHD)

- How is preparation for UPSR coming along? (MPSP)

- Have a look at this amazing SJKT (MPSP)

HMHD means the discussion was in our Happy Mom Happy Dad group MPSP means the discussion was in our Malaysia Primary School Parents on Facebook group Both groups are closed groups so only members of the group can click through and view the discussion.

More discussion to come next week.

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Admin and Founder

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