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All you need to know about registering for std 1 2022/2023 intakes

It's that time of the year for registering kids for std 1. As we have written many posts about this on our blog in the past, this year we will compile the relevant ones for parents who are doing registration for std 1 for 2022/2023 intakes. Each year starting 1 March, parents may start to register their children for std 1. Registration is done online followed by submission of documents physically to the school. Below are some of the things we think will be useful for parents doing registration. Note that they are from older posts and although the dates may look older, the information is not as most of the guidelines are still useful today. You may also like to join the ongoing and current discussion with other parents doing registration for std 1 for 2022/2023 intakes with input from other experienced parents who have gone through the process. 1. Where to register?

2. When to register and whether you can register your child at age 6 (Note that this is for 2020/2021 intake, the general rules on timing still apply, just change the timing to 2022/2023 accordingly) 3. How to register? 4. What documents do you require? 5. What are the common FAQs 6. Guide to online registration Below are some other useful information for parents. 1. What parents need to know about DLP 2. Digital textbooks for SK, SJKC and SJKT

5. Backpack vs trolley bags 6. How to reduce the weight of school bags as shared by experienced parents We hope you find this compilation useful. Congratulations on your child moving up to the next exciting stage in his life as a student and for you as a parent to face new challenges parenting a primary school going child.

Stay safe everyone!

Koay Joo Bee

Admin and Founder

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