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School's Out!

School's out for the first term holidays. Last week, in our group, most of the threads were all about Covid-19 as this was the top-most issue on parent's minds. With so many articles being shared on social media, it is best to read those from official sources rather than listen to unconfirmed rumours. We should also do the socially responsible thing and not go to public events or travel to hometown during this school holidays if anyone of our family members are feeling under the weather. Two official sources you can follow for first hand information on the situation is 1. Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia FB Page to get the latest advisories and latest press releases on the Covid-19 situation in the country 2. Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia FB page to get the latest press releases for schools and educational institutions. Other trending topics this week: - Parents with kids in std 1 in 2020 - How did the first term go? - What activities to do with children at home this school holidays?

- Tips for splitting own textbooks to reduce bag weight Happy Holidays everyone! Stay safe and healthy!

Koay Joo Bee

Admin and Founder Malaysia Primary School Parents On Facebook Malaysia Secondary School Parents On Facebook Malaysia Market For Children Preloved And Childrens Items Happy Mom Happy Dad Mumsgather Finds Website Parenting Times Blog

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