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Where to buy UASA workbooks and model papers

In 2023, UASA was introduced to replace UPSR and PT3. UASA is part of PBD (Pentaksiran Bilik Darjah). UASA stands for Ujian Akhir Sesi Akademik, As the name suggest, it is a summative assessment for end of academic session either mid year or end of the year. It was introduced for Std. 4 to Std. 6 students to replace UPSR which used to be held at the end of Std. 6 and for Form 1 to Form 3 students to replace PT3 which used to be held in Form 3. For upper primary school the 5 core subjects tested include BM, BI, Math, Science and Sejarah. Recently we had the following questions raise in our FB group 1. Where can I get past year UASA papers? 2, Is UASA applicable to lower primary? Is it normal practice to have 11 subjects for upper primary? If you are a member of our group, you can go to the links to view the discussion. You can also visit this page for all the past queries about UASA. One of the questions often asked is "has UASA been abolished?". The answer is no, it has not. The confusion arose because someone picked up a visual from a convention which appear to suggest that UASA be abolished and it became viral. What they did not share was that in the very same convention, the words "abolished (dimansuhkan)" were replaced with "continued (diteruskan)" and that what was discussed at the convention would be brought up to the attention of the higher ups. Watch this video to get the full picture. So to answer the question of where to get workbooks on UASA? You can get it in physical bookstores or the official online stores of publishers of educational books below. 1. Sasbadi 2, Gemilang Publishing 3. Pelangibooks 4. Leebook 5. Hup Lick Publishing 6. Various Publishers We hope this will make it easier for parents to search for the practice books for their kids. However, we shouldn't worry too much about all the acronyms. Whether exam formats UPSR, PT3, UASA or syllabus KBSR, KSSR, KSSM etc, as long as we make sure our kids are well versed with their syllabus, following what is being thought at school by teachers from their textbooks, they should be fine. Sometimes too many workbooks can be confusing to the student so we must make sure we get the right one at the appropriate level. Read our 12 tips to consider when shopping for workbooks. Koay Joo Bee

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