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Submit your test paper here to join the parents test papers exchange
(Note: This feature is only for the members of our FB groups) 
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Submission Checklist

Please check that you have done the following before you upload your papers. If there is any error or omission, you will be required to resubmit the test papers all over again. 

Before you submit your papers.

Please check that 

  1. you have blanked out your name, signature and your child's name (to protect your privacy)

  2. you have blanked out the school's name and teachers' names (to protect the school's privacy)

  3. your test papers are in pdf format, 1 pdf for 1 test paper

  4. your files are named correctly - showing the standard, the subject, the month and year eg:P1 BC1 May 2018

  5. Then use the form on the right to submit your papers

  6. Please submit full set or minimum of 4 papers

  7. Please complete the following form to help us maintain our records and prevent duplication of papers.

  8. Finally, please go to this thread on the FB wall and leave a comment to help us verify that you are a member

You will receive your password to view the papers shared by other parents once you have completed items 1-8 and everything is in order. Thank you!

* The next submission date is 1st October 2021 onwards

Paper Count: 2464 papers shared 

Last Updated: 6 Sept 2019

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