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Everything You Need For Going Back To School 2019 All On One Page For Your Convenience

Back To School Promotions And Deals

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Find Back To School 2019 Shopping Deals



Check out our blog post on back to school shopping promotions currently being offered in the Departmental stores, Aeon Big, Tesco, Giant and Parkson. Download brochures with deals on school uniforms, school bags, stationery, and home furnishing to get your home and your child ready for school.


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Buy SK Textbooks



Textbooks are given out on loan by the Ministry of Education Malaysia. However, many parents buy their own set either because the loaned books are in a bad state or to use at home so that children do not have to carry the books to and from school. Here's where you can prepare for 2019 by buying SK textbooks online.


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Buy SJKC Textbooks



SJKC is well known for extra bag loads due to the usage of many workbooks, reference books and dictionaries in addition to the SJKC textbooks. 

Tip: Some parents buy and split the textbooks, then bind them or file them into chapters reducing the load considerably. You can't deface books on loan so you will need to get your own textbooks to do so. Here's where you can shop for SJKC 2019 textbooks online.


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Buy SJKC Workbooks and Reference Books


In addition to textbooks, you can shop for workbooks and reference books to help your child revise at home with you.

Read our tips:

Tips for Parents When Buying Workbooks

How To Select Workbooks For Your Child

What is a Good Bahasa Malaysia Reference Books For Malay Grammar Tatabahasa or Pemahaman


Starting School Articles

MILO® UHT Pack In The Energy For Champions

Things You Should Know Before Starting School


Is your child starting school in 2018? There are many things you should know before your child starts school, including the school syllabus, abbreviations like LINUS, DLP, tips for buying school bags, how many pairs of  shoes to buy, tips for easier transition from kindy to primary school, tips for talking to teachers and more. Click on the read more button to find all these tips and more.

In Search of Tutors

Cute Girl's Bows Malaysia

Parents Tutors Forum

Are you searching for tutors? You post on our Parents Tutors Forum for free. Remember to describe the location, level and subjects when posting. You can also browse the forum to see if any tutor near you have posted. We are not tutor agents. We provide this platform for free for parents to network with tutors.

In search of Transporters

Cute Girl's Bows Malaysia

Car Pooling And Transport Forum

Parents who are looking to make transport arrangements for 2018 can post in this forum to car pool with other parents or to find a transporter. The forum is organized according to school. If you can't find your school, please leave a message for admin to start a thread for your school.

In search of Day Care or Child Care

Cute Girl's Bows Malaysia

In Search OF Daycare or Child Care Forum

Looking for after school care or child care? Try browsing or posting on this forum. These public forums are free for parents to use. 

Join Our Testpapers Exchange

Cute Girl's Bows Malaysia

Test Papers Exchange

Currently we have about 200 parents sharing 1000 papers for SK, SJKT and SJKT. The test papers exchange is a password protected page for contributors only. The password is changed every 6 months so parents will need to share the latest papers to keep our test papers bank freshly updated all through the year, every year. Click on the button below to go to the forum to find out how to join this test papers exchange.

2019 School Term and Holidays

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School Term School Holidays 2019

Every year, parents look out for the school term days, and school holidays in order to plan vacations ahead of time. 
Click on view full calendar to check out the 2019 school holidays  observed by schools throughout Malaysia.
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School Festive Holidays 2019

Find out how many days you get off for these festive holidays so you can plan your balik kampung trips in 2019.

Free Printable Exclusively For Our Facebook Group Members

Dowload link coming soon

2019 School Calendar

Free Printable School Calendar

Members of our Facebook group can download this free printable school calendar for schools. Two calendars are available for free download for Kmpulan A and Kumpulan B schools covering all schools in East and West Malaysia. Password available only to our FB group members is required for download.
Coming Soon


Download and print out this free printable back to school shopping list for your own use. Go to our members only Free Printables Page to download.

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