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Learning Chinese Videos For Kids

The following selection of YouTube Videos is reproduced with permission from

Chinese New Year Themed Educational Videos For Kids

Chinese Zodiac Learning For Kids And Parents

Chinese New Year Greetings (Bilingual with pinyin)

English & Chinese Shape Song

English & Chinese Animals Songs

English & Chinese Fruits Song

English & Chinese Transportation Song

English & Chinese Numbers Song

English & Chinese Musical Instruments Songs

Learning Classroom Vocabulary In Chinese

These fun music videos help a child just starting school to learn classroom vocabulary in Chinese so that he or she will understand simple instructions given by teacher. 

You can find more catchy and funny learning mandarin songs on topics like Family, Colours, Numbers, Fruits, Emotions and more on the Chinese Buddy YouTube Channel. Thank you to Timothy, the founder of Chinese Buddy and also the creator of these great music videos on learning Chinese for letting us share the videos.


Beginners Mandarin Classroom Rules in Chinese Mandarin

Learn Chinese Songs For Kids:
May I Go To The Bathroom

Learn Chinese:
What's The Time In Mandarin

Learn Chinese Mandarin:
Say "Sorry, I don't understand"

Chinese New Year Song: Learn Chinese New Year Vocabulary

More Classroom Vocabulary:
The I Love Homework Song

Standard 5 Science - Based on some chapters from the KSSR textbooks. 

Standard 5 History - Based on one chapter from the KSSR textbooks (only half of the chapter is covered in this slides)

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