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As a parent with no or little knowledge in Chinese who is trying to teach your kids Science in Chinese, you can start by teaching them important Science concepts in English. This is followed up by learning important keywords in Chinese. 

Below are videos for non-Chinese speaking parents who need to help their children with Science in Chinese for Standard 1 in a SJKC. The videos are in translated to English from Chinese and includes pinyin of the most commonly used keywords or terms to help you and your child understand it from the viewpoint of someone who is learning Chinese as a second language.


Description: This video shows the contents of the P1 SJKC Science according to the KSSR Semakan syllabus followed by Chinese Primary Schools. The contents are translated to English for non-Chinese learners and parents. Pinyin is included for reference by parents and students.


Description: Based on the KSSR Semakan syllabus, this video follows Unit 5 of the P1 textbook. It covers the topic on Animals starting with the type of animals mentioned in the textbook, the external features of these animals and the uses of different animal body parts.

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