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Cartoon Network Teeny Teens Contest 

29 July - 10 August 2016

Hey there parents,

Cartoon Network has recently launched the Teeny Titans mobile game application, which is divided into two sections, collecting and battling. The game revolves around collecting and managing Teeny Titan figures which then feeds into battling your figures in tournaments and one-off matches against other characters from the series and then moves right back into collecting figures! Bust out super moves in real time with the battle

bar. Switch between your heroes to launch awesome attacks and take down your opponents. You can also race from store to store to shop for your favourite super hero figures. The aim is to complete special missions, enter tournaments, and unlock new areas on your journey to become the Jump City Mega Teeny Champion! – dethroning the mysterious, hooded character who is currently the reigning champion.


In line with the exciting launch of this game, Mumsgather Finds will be giving away free codes to download the Teeny Titans mobile game application and a Cartoon Network themed-goodie bag worth RM200 each to three (3) lucky winners.

 "Win a free code to download the Teeny Titans mobile game application plus a Cartoon Network themed-goodie bag worth RM200"

How to Participate

  1. The Teeny Titans contest with Mumsgather Finds will be conducted over the course of two (2) weeks

  2. During this time, three (3) Teen Titans pictures requiring slogans will be posted on Mumsgather Finds Facebook page

  3. Participants will need to keep a lookout for the pictures and submit their slogans within 48-hours (2 days) after each posting

  4. The slogans must be submitted by completing the Contest Form on this page (Scroll down for Contest Form)

  5. Participants must provide their personal particulars (name, contact number and email address) when submitting their entries

  6. Entries should have some correlation to the Teen Titans series and/or the characters in it

  7. The most relatable and creative entry submitted for each slogan will be chosen as the winner

  8. Three (3) Chances to Win. You do not have to complete the slogan for all pictures to win. One (1) winner with the best slogan will be selected for each of the 3 pictures posted on Mumsgather Finds Facebook page during the contest period

Contest Terms & Conditions

  1. Contest period: Friday, 29 July 2016 @ 9.00am (MY time) – Friday, 10 August, 2016 @ 6.00pm (MY time)

  2. Entries for each slogan must be submitted by completing the Contest Form found on this page within 48-hours after the picture is posted on Mumsgather Finds Facebook page

  3. Entries will only be considered complete if it is submitted together with the personal particulars (name, contact number and email address) of the participant

  4. Participants are allowed to submit multiple entries however, he/she will only be allowed to win once throughout the contest period

  5. The winner for each slogan submitted will be chosen by Mumsgather Finds

  6. Winners will be announced at the end of the contest period

  7. Prizes are strictly non-transferable

  8. The judges’ decision is final and no requests will be entertained

  9. Mumsgather Finds reserves the rights to amend the terms and conditions at their discretion without prior notice.

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