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Mumsgather Group Discount Deal For August -

Bahasa Malaysia Story Books For Kids

Dear Parents,

One of the ways to improve in languages is through exposure in fun ways. A good story book not only takes your child away on an adventure and encourages a love for reading and books for a lifetime, it also helps to improve vocabulary. 


Retailing at RM45 for all 3 (excluding shipping), members can now get these Bahasa Malaysia story books at the following discounted rates.

10 buyers and above - 10% discount or RM40.50 (excluding shipping)

20 buyers and above - 20% discount or RM36 (exluding shipping)

Self-collect at Mid Valley or shipping at a flat rate of RM5 (West Malaysia)/RM12 (East Malaysia). Contact admin​ for shipping charges for orders of more than 1 set. . Please confirm your order latest by 31 August 2016 by completing the form below so we can tabulate the numbers. Please note that the deal will only go through if a minimum of 10 buyers is reached.

Book 1 = Lobak Bunga - Suri gets the help of her friend, Mr Rabbit to find the best gift for mother.

Book 2 = Pelangi Pagi - Mother Hen is upset because one of her little chicks is lost. Will Mawar be able to comfort and help her find Little Chick?

Book 3 = Helang Berkaki Bumbung - This is a traditional Malay folktale about a greedy eagle who wanted to catch some doves. It tried to get the doves out of their coop When it failed to do so, the eagle got angry and decided it would lift the roof of the coop but its claws got stuck in the roof instead.

These books are suitable for preschool to lower primary depending on the level of the child. It can be read to the younger child while confident readers can read on their own.

Sneak Peek Inside The Books

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Complete Form Below To Reserve A Set

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