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We send out weekly newsletters to update members on the latest issues, discussion, promotions, events and more happening on our parenting platform. Please note that some of the links in the newsletters go to our FB group discussions. You may not be able to see them if you are not a member as our FB groups are closed groups.

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Latest Issues

Why Do We Go To School?

Why do we go to school? Which is better? Public or private doing national syllabus? These topics and more were discussed by parents this week.

The Results Are Out!

School placed results for P1 in 2018 for Putrajaya, Selangor and Penang is out, something parents have been waiting anxiously for some time. Other states will follow on 1st August 2017.

It all starts with the letter S

This week's discussion is on Sex Education, Spine Protection School Bags and Stationery.

On the importance of penmanship, health checks, vaccinations and more

The importance of penmanship is the hot topic this week together with health checks, vaccinations and more

Resell your children's stuff or buy used goods to save money

  • Kids bank account options

  • Important info for those who registered for P1 in 2018

  • To take Chinese in PT3 or not? (Secondary Group)

  • What parents need to know about DLP

  • After UPSR (in SJKC)

Hello June!

School Holiday Homework, Chinese Cartoons and Free Demo Classes.

School Holiday Programmes And Ideas

School Holiday Programmes and School Vacation Ideas for mid term holidays 2017 and "Aku Negaraku" the new patriotic song to be sung during school assemblies.

It's All About Tests

After tests review on Moral, Math, BM and other papers, marks deductions and International School syllabuses 

What's On In May

On transferring or switching schools, bullying and fidget spinners

Parents Going Back To School?

  • Parents helping with homework

  • Do P1 kids need tuition?

  • Kids learning multiple languages

Are Parents Feeling Stressed

  • International vs private vs public schools

  • Caning in schools

  • About getting As and exam results

How Much Are Parents Paying For Tuition Fees

  • How many pairs of shoes to buy

  • Horrible handwriting in kids

  • How much do we spend on tuition fees every month

Test Papers Exchange - An Update

  • Update on our FB group  test paper exchange between parents

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