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This Facebook group is the sister group to the Malaysia Primary and Secondary School Parents On Facebook. We have started this group for the Secondary School Parents so that discussion may be more focused on secondary school issues and relevant for parents with kids in secondary school.
This group is open to all parents with kids in or going to secondary school in Malaysia. Whether your child is in mainstream public school ie SMK or SMJK, Chinese Independent School (CIS), private/international school or home schooled you are welcome to discuss common issues faced by all parents with teenagers during their secondary school education. Feel free to share specific issues faced by different types of schools too so that we may understand and learn from each other.
Please remember the following rules:
1. NO SPAMMING, NO SURVEYS, NO LINK DROPPING AND NO PROMOTION OF ANY EVENT, ACTIVITY, COURSES, OR BUSINESSES  on the wall or through pm.  Admin has the sole discretion to delete links, remove and/or block any member without prior warning or giving any reason. If you wish to promote your services or products, please contact admin for information on how you can advertise on the sister website or blog.
2 .No political discussion please. 
3. Please be courteous even if you disagree with each other'
4. The use of "Follow" is not allowed
5. No external links to websites, Facebook pages or Facebook posts are allowed. No contact numbers in posts or comments are allowed as well. This rule applies to all members when making recommendations or commenting on posts seeking recommendations. This is to prevent members who join the group for the sole purpose of promoting themselves or their businesses and have no interests in contributing to group discussion.
6. To trade your second hand children items, please go here.
7. To discuss primary school issues, please go here.
8. To network with other parents for your own self development and nurturing yourself so that you can better look after your loved ones, please go here.
9. To share test papers and access our shared test papers bank, or to search for transporter, tutor or daycare, please go here.
Thank You and Welcome to the Group
Group Admin
You can access this group rules at any time from the right side bar of our Facebook Group under "Description" for desktop computer users or from the top of the page under "About" for mobile devices.

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