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When Is Teacher's Day 2018

Teacher's Day 2018 is on Wednesday, May 16, 2018. Do you prepare gifts for teachers? Every year without fail, we will have parents asking what to prepare for Teacher's Day. Here is this year's thread:

Most of the other topics this week are all about questions relating to homework. Besides homework, here is another common or frequently asked question:

You might also be interested in our new video if you are a non-Chinese speaking parent struggling to teach your P1 child Science in Chinese. Here is a bilingual video on Unit 5 on Animals based on the Standard One School Textbook with the latest KSSR Semakan Syllabus.

We also compiled a list of resources for parents with kids preparing for the 2018 PT3 History Project Paper this month. Whether your child is taking the PT3 or otherwise, you can go to the link to read the question to have an idea what sort of project is expected from your child in Form 3. For your information, at the point of writing, History is a 100% project based paper in PT3. Students do not sit for a written examination. However, History is a written examination in SPM, so it would be a good idea to remind your kids not to overlook History just because it is not a written exam in Form 3.

That's all we have for this week. Come back next week to find out what are the trending topics for the week.

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