School Holidays 2019

Before we do the weekly group discussion summary, let's have a look at some new and interesting developments for the week.

1. The school holidays and term dates for 2019 is out

2. Our latest bilingual Math video for P1 students is out

3. We just changed the password for our test papers bank

This week's trending topics include:

1. How do you as a non-Chinese parent teach your 5 year old Chinese

2. How many times in a year are you required to attend Parent Teachers Day 3. Secondary cluster school application

4. Are there any Chinese character writing apps Interesting news in the media this week include the following. We are sharing links to the post in our group so you can view parents discussion on the news as well. As our group is a closed group, only group members can view the links. 1. Alarming hike in mental health issues among students 2. Malaysia to use cartoons to teach children knowledge and values

3. Chinese Vernacular School enrollment down 110000 since 2008 4. Mission schools struggling to pay bills That's quite a lot for the week for you to slowly digest as we break for a long 4-day weekend. Happy Weekend everyone! Koay Joo Bee Admin and FounderMalaysia Primary School Parents On Facebook

Malaysia Secondary School Parents On Facebook

Malaysia Market For Children Preloved And Childrens Items

Happy Mom Happy Dad

Mumsgather Finds Website

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