Do you know what your kids are learning in school?

Interestingly, the most commented topics this week all center around the topic of what our children are learning in school including the rules they have to recite, the shows they are watching, the projects they are given and the homework they have to do. Here they are. - How to help your SJKC child with 弟 子 规 Di Zi Gui (Standards for Being a Good Student and Child)

- Do you know what shows your kids are watching in school? - What do you think of this project for a P2 student?

- How to make sure your child jots down their homework every day

- How to make sure your child complete their homework every day without shouting

- What parents think about the use of P. Ramlee movies, Upin & Ipin cartoons as learning tools for BM

- Recommendations: Books for preteen girl UPSR and PT3 are both over now so parents with children in P6 and S3 should be relieved. Meanwhile year-end exams are under way for everyone else. See you next week.

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