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Learning 3 Languages In School

Most of our kids have to learn 2-3 languages in school and this can be a challenge to us parents. Despite being right smack in the middle of year-end exams or with it just around the corner, parents this week took time to ask the following questions. 1. Do all SK (Sekolah Kebangsaan) have Mandarin classes? 2. Does SJKC still use the memorizing "karangan" method to teach BM? 3. How to help your child improve in English when you don't speak it at home? 4. Homework help for Math: Place Value and Digit Value Question 5. Black or White Shoes next year? What about type of shoe and colour of socks? 6. Appropriateness of storybooks sold to kids in school 7. Preschool Hunting - Which is a better preschool? 8. School hunting and research considerations for entering primary school.

9. What do parents think about staggered school holidays? These are the top 9 discussion but there are lots more. We have been active this week, haven't we? Until next week.,

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