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No More Exams for P1-P3 and Digital Textbooks for Secondary School

Apart from the several postings on exam questions, this week, we have been busy debating about the current announcements that there will be no more examinations for Tahap 1 primary school students with effect from 2019. Another hot topic is the announcement that digital textbooks may be used for schools soon starting with secondary schools.

Would you like to join the poll and discussion on these topics? Go to the following links to do so. Digital Textbooks For Schools Soon - What Parents Think Digital Textbooks For Schools Soon - Poll (Is It A Good Idea?) No more written examinations for P1 - P3 kids - What Parents Think No more written examinations for P1 - P3 - Poll (Yay or Nay?) Good news or bad news? While we are debating the issues, here's some news for members. This coming 17 November 2018, British Council Malaysia is running an exclusive event for our members. Topic of discussion is Creating Confident Learners. Go here for details of this free workshop. Members, remember to sign up early as seats are limited.

That's all for the week. As for next week, we're looking forward to the Deepavali Holidays for schools. Happy Deepavali 2018!

Koay Joo Bee

Admin and Founder

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