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Gearing Up For 2019

It's mid November but not too early to start planning for 2019. This is what parents have been doing judging from the discussion this week. Here are the most highly commented threads this week.

1. Hi parents, my lo is going to primary school next year. May I know which brand of uniform is recommended? (183 comments)

2. What school bag to buy for children starting school in 2019? (45 comments)

3. New education curriculum to be implemented in 2021 (68 comments) 4. My daughter's school is abolishing streaming for all lower primary classes (28 comments)

5. I'm looking for safety pants (tights) for girls to wear under the pinafore. Please recommend. (46 comments) 6. Which brand of school shoes is better? (34 comments) 7. Giveaway contest: 45 preview passes to the Big Bad Wolf Sale is up for grabs by members (187 comments) We have a lot more discussion which indicate that parents are getting ready for 2019. However we are only posting the top trending ones. What about you? Are you gearing up for 2019 too or still clearing up 2018 school stuff?

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