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Most Discussed Topics By Parents This Week

The first couple of months in a school year normally whizzes by very fast.. Just as we are about to settle down from the start of school, we will be having the Chinese New Year holidays again. This year, Chinese New Year school holidays is from 4th February (Monday) to 8th February (Friday) 2019 for schools in Kumpulan B. It starts and ends a day earlier for schools in Kumpulan A.. We have two weeks before the festive holiday begins.

Last week we asked the question "Will we slow down or speed up?" There is some slowing down in discussion but not too much with the most popular topic as follows. - How do you manage children using foul language

For those who are doing research on schools, note that Sri Bestari International school is having its Info Day on 26 January 2019. Finally, we would like to congratulate the winners of the recently concluded personalized labels giveaway for members. Currently we have another giveaway tied in with a group buy for Hayley's Fruitastic Malaysia by Mohana Gill. We have 3 books to giveaway. Until next week.

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