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Online Textbooks for Primary and Secondary School

Online Textbooks for primary and secondary school is now available for download online. We posted the download links on our blog this week. The books are in pdf format and are available for SK, SJKC, SJKT and SMK. Do note however that at the point of writing, the download links for Std 2, Std 4 and Std 6 are currently not working. Over on our Facebook group, the following topics were highlighted this week: - When curricular teachers and class teachers have different objectives and your child gets caught in between

- About the condition of toilets in schools and how to improve them

- Pocket money rules in school

- Are UPSR BM and English papers the same for SK and SJKC?

- What to do if your child who has been studying abroad has difficulty learning BM. How to improve?

- How to improve pencil grip in children?

- Child is punished for not bringing book he does not have

- Teacher's write labels on child's shoe. Is this acceptable?

As usual we are very active in our discussion and these topics may have moved down the wall before you even noticed them. This summary helps you jump to the discussion that interest you the most. We'll be back next week with another summary.

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