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School Exams: UPSR, PT3, SPM

Parents with kids sitting for UPSR are starting to feel the heat as some of the children have had to stay back in school for extra classes during the recent holidays. UPSR is about 5 months away. Below are some of the dates for the major exams. You can find the "Takwim Peperiksaan 2019" here. Recently the Ministry of Education website has been revamped so some of the older links are no longer working. UPSR = 4-5 & 10-12 September 2019 PT3 = 30th September - 8th October 2019 SPM = 14-17 October & 5- 27 November 2019 Here are a couple of threads on UPSR preparation in our groups 1. What advise you will give a std 6 student who will sit for UPSR this year? (Primary school group) 2. What advise will you give a std 6 student who will sit for UPSR in 4 months time? (Happy Mom Happy Dad group. We're not sure how this ended up here but its got some useful tips so we're sharing it here). In the meantime, here's what parents with kids from P1 to P3 think about having "no exams" so far. PT3 students are now busy going through the PT3 2019 sample new formats, project dates and project guidelines which are just out while SPM students are rushing to finish their syllabus. With the SPM dates brought forward, it also means that the trial exams will be nearer. Finally, here are some other topics that may interest you this week - How do parents pay school transporters

Until next week. Happy April 2019!

Koay Joo Bee

Admin and Founder

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