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Top 10 Issues Discussed By Parents This Week

We have a lot of discussion every week, some weeks more than others. For example during school holidays, we also take a slight break from our chatter. However, we are now full swing into the second half of the first semester now and many issues have been brought forward by parents this week. Here are the Top 10 most commented and discussed topics. 1. Do you join parents whatsapp groups in school? 2. What is the common age for girls to start having their periods?

3. How to teach and guide your P1 child at home if they still cannot read and understand textbooks and workbooks?

4. Are we required to pay smart board fees in school?

5. What is the market rate for art classes? 6. Do schools teach BM Ejaan using Chinese language for P4 still? 7. UPSR English Paper 2, Part C. What is the number of words and can students exceed it? 8. How to make homework enjoyable for your child? 9. What to do when your child is lying about homework and skipping classes? 10. What to do if your child is buying things online frequently? (This is from our other FB group)

Wow! That's a lot of issues brought up this week. We hope that this summary will help you jump into the ones that matter to you most without having to scroll through all of them as our group is very active and the discussion on the wall moves down fairly quickly. It is always interesting to see what parents discuss every week. I wonder what we will talk about next week?

Until then,

Koay Joo Bee

Admin and Founder

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