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PT3 2019

PT3 2019 is the final year when the exams will be centralized. It is also the first year of the new syllabus and format. By centralized, it means the papers are prepared by the Ministry, however schools are tasked with printing them for the students unlike the UPSR or SPM where printing is also centralized. Currently students are halfway through the exams. Having sat for the English, Chinese, Maths, Geography, Rekabentuk dan Teknologi/Asas Sains Komputer papers, they will have to sit for Science, Sejarah and BM papers next week. Besides studying hard for their exams, this year the PT3 students also have to learn to manage unexpected issues like the haze, sudden rescheduling of their BM paper and the rumours about leaked papers and possible resits. As 15 year olds, most of them are social media savvy and surely be affected by the rumours that can spread like wild fire on digital media. As parents, this is just one more aspect we have to learn to manage. We cannot keep them cocooned and away from these kinds of negative information. Instead, we should teach them how to remain positive and continue to focus on their studies inspite of it all. We too should try to remain positive. Good luck to all PT3 students for the rest of the exams.

Koay Joo Bee

Admin and Founder

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