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Malaysia School Holidays 2020

The Malaysia School Calendar 2020 is out and some parents mentioned that they have wrongly estimated the festival or term holidays when they made their vacation plans and booked flight tickets. Here's a quick summary:

First day of school in 2020

1 Jan (Wed) 2020 (Kump A schools) - Johor, Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu 2 Jan (Thur) 2020 (Kump B schools) - All other states including the Federal Territories

Chinese New Year 2020 (First festive school holiday)

22 Jan (Wed) - 26 Jan (Sun) 2020 (Kumpulan A) - Johor, Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu 23 (Thur) - 27 Jan (Mon) 2020 (Kumpulan B) - All other states including the Federal Territories

Meanwhile, let's have a look at school holidays that are just round the corner, ie the Deepavali festive school holidays. View the full calendar here.

Deepavali School Holidays 2019

25 Oct (Fri) - 29 Oct (Tue) 2019 for all schools both Kumpulan A and B View the Deepavali calendar here.

Meanwhile here are the trending topics from our group this week.

- What to do if your child's classmate is taking food and stationery from them daily

- Where to find super hero costume for Children's Day celebration

- Is it true that UPSR papers are in dual language?

- Parent seeking more info about DLP school for next year

- Black or White shoes for 2020?

* Note that these link to discussion in our Facebook group. Our group is a private group, only members can access the links. Request to join here. PT3 exams are over and SPM Phase one starts next week. Good luck to SPM 2019 students!

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