Reviewing the school year

Every week we have so many topics being discussed in our FB group, its hard to keep up. There are two ways you can follow the topics that matter to you. 1. Do a search using the FB group search option for school specific topics

2. Follow our weekly archives here. We do the scrolling and browsing to post only the most commented and hot topics for the week This week it looks like parents are winding down for the school year and getting ready for the next. Trending Topics this week (Primary School Group) - At what age do you think its safe to leave your child alone at home?

- Is it compulsory for students from P4 - P6 to participate in 3 extra co-curricular activities?

- Are you still sending your kids to school after returning school textbooks?

What's your plan for them if they are staying at home before the school holiday starts?

- At what age do you think it is safe for kids to take public transport alone or with friends?

- At what age do kids get BCG jabs in school?

- For parents with kids in P1-P3, How do you feel about your kids learning progress this year now that there are no more exams for Tahap 1?

Trending Topics this week (Secondary School Group)

The above are the most commented topics in our primary school group. As for the secondary school group, you can browse the secondary school FB group directly as most of the topics are all on discussion about school transfer now that school placement for secondary school results are out. School Holiday Giveaway Last but not least, have you joined our FB giveaway? Only 2 days to go for a chance to win a pair of tickets to watch Madagascar the Musical this school holidays! See you next week! Koay Joo Bee

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