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Transitioning from Primary to Secondary School

UPSR results was out yesterday. Congratulations to all the students who worked hard for this primary school leaving exam. It's time to move on to new challenges ahead in secondary school. Parents are now rushing to do school transfers. Check out this discussion thread on transferring school to another SMK or SMJK other than the one your child has been assigned to. Other than those going to Form 1, students going to Form 4 and their parents should know about the new guidelines on what to expect since there is no more streaming in Form 4.

It is an exciting time ahead. For the younger ones and those starting school for the first time, parents are wondering what type of black shoes to buy for their little ones.

Those with children in P4 are wondering whether textbooks for std 4 have been given out. So much planning ahead to do. You can also plan ahead by learning about which type of dictionary to buy for your child. A monolingual one or a bilingual one. School holiday starts at the end of the week. Are you ready?

Koay Joo Bee

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P.S. Join our dictionaries giveaway Week 2 for a chance to win one of five copies of Oxford Fajar Kamus Dwibahasa

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