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A busy week for education

Congratulations to SPM 2022 candidates! This year 10,109 or 2.7% of SPM 2022 candidates obtained straight A’s in all subjects with a national average grade (GPN) score of 4.74. Last year 9,696 or 2.53% scored straight A's with GPN of 4.86. In other developments, martial arts will be classified as its own category of sports instead of as a uniformed unit activity. This is interesting to note for parents with kids interested in martial arts or combat sports like taekwando and wushu as they will now receive the same recognition equal to other sports. Parents can also bear this in mind when kids select their compulsory extra cu-curricular activities of one sport and one uniformed body in standard 3. For those with older kids, note that The Ministry of Higher Education Ministry will introduce a hybrid and flexible learning system at universities with mandatory attendance only on the 1st and final year of the course. In addition a total of 44 study programs in nine higher education institutes may be shortened from four to three years. Meanwhile there is talk about the possibility of UASA being abolished. Parents should not be alarmed as there is nothing official on this. UASA = Ujian Akhir Sesi Akademik and was introduced last year to assess students after the abolition of UPSR. Parents should not be unduly worried as the syllabus has not changed. The major changes in syllabus are as follows. Up to year 2003 KBSR (Kurikulum Bersepadu Sekolah Rendah) 2011 KSSR (Kurikulum Standard Sekolah Rendah) 2017 KSSR Semakan ('Semakan" = Review/Revision) so it actually is the continuation of KSSR with revisions to improve on it. Children should know and understand the syllabus well so they will be able to excel in whatever form of examination or assessment they are required to sit for

With that said, we would like to wish everyone Happy Back to School! Koay Joo Bee

Admin and Founder

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