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All about DLP (Dual Language Program)

What is DLP? The DLP or Dual Language Program is a program where Math and Science are taught in English. It was implemented in 2016 in stages and by 2020, it is available at all levels from Standard 1 to Form 5. It is 2022 now and yet, the question on what is DLP continues to be raised and asked in our primary and secondary school groups. This post is a compilation of the questions raised. Before we move on to the questions, let's have a look at some basics. You may also be interested to read our previous post on What Parents Need To Know About DLP. What you should know if you are intending to send your child to a DLP school Plan early - If you intend to send your child through this pathway, you need to do your planning early. DLP is for the long duration so you need to start at Standard 1. (or in cases of school transfer midway, you may be able to start later). If you are in SJKC or a primary school which does not offer DLP, you can still do so in secondary school. However note that, you will naturally be behind the queue of those who did DLP in primary school.

Find a school - You will need to find a school that offers DLP. Note that all SJKC do not offer DLP. That leaves SK, SJKT and some private schools. You will then need to do a research to find out which schools near your home offer DLP. Some of the lists that are available online date back to 2018 so you may need to ask around. Once you find a school, you will need to ask whether the school offers it school wide for all classes or in a couple of classes only. If offered to a few classes only, you will then need to find out what is the criteria to get into a DLP class. What is the benefit of a DLP school or DLP class? For those who are interested in it, probably the full benefit will be felt the most in secondary school, especially if you are a science stream student. A science stream student takes the following papers for SPM.

- BM - Sejarah - Pendidikan Moral - Math - Add Math _ Physics - Biology - Chemistry - English

There may be some variation here and there according to your stream but these are the basic core subjects. In this variation, 6 out of 9 subjects are in English. There are many online resources available in English. There will also be an easier transition to tertiary studies in English. This will reduce students' struggle with the language so they can concentrate on the subjects. This is a good program provided by our Ministry of Education and an opportunity for parents to choose whether DLP is suitable for you. BM should not be pushed to the back burner even if you are in a school offering DLP. BM is very important and students should be encouraged to improve from primary school and not play catch up in secondary school. As you can see, the first 2 papers ie BM and Sejarah are compulsory to pass in SPM. So don't neglect your BM!

FAQ by parents about DLP Primary school parents - Can we switch to DLP after year 1? - How to prepare my child for DLP?

- What are the pulling factors to send for DLP? Secondary school parents - Do DLP students take their SPM in BM or English? - Any advice to transition from SJKC to SMK with DLP? - DLP vs non-DLP. What are the advantages and disadvantages in secondary school? In addition to the above, the updated DLP guidelines by the moe will answer more FAQs on the DLP. We hope this summary helps parents who have been putting up the FAQs. Whether DLP or otherwise, the most important factor for a student's success is parental support.

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