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Final Term School Holidays 25/26 Feb - 30 March 2022

The final term school holidays is almost upon us. It feels strange that the end of term school holidays is starting at the beginning of the year but this is something we have to get used to from now. At the moment on topmost of parents with primary school kids minds are vaccines and vaccination as can be seen from all the current trending posts in our FB group. - Can parents walk in without appointment for vaccination of kids aged 5 - 11? - 2nd dose appointment not updated, what to do?

- Issue booking appointment at pickids via mysejahtera, can't proceed what to do?

- How to choose ppv center and date?

- Video guide on how to select of PPV location, date and time

- What documents to bring for kids vaccination?

- What is the difference between ppv offsite and medical center?

- Vaccination age is it by month or year?

- Tips before going to PPV to vaccinate child

- Can casual contact bring child for vaccination?

- Wife is close contact. Can husband bring child to vaccinate?

- 12 year old not yet reach birthdate takes adults or kids dose?

- Poll: Kids aged 5 - 11. How many have been vaccinated? Non-vaccine related questions - Physical or online kindy, which is better now?

- Child gets emotional playing online games, what to do? - Can I defer starting std 1 and how to go about it?

- Poll: How many still attending school this week, how many started school holidays Hope the above compilation serves as a useful FAQ for parents on vaccination issues and going to school amid rising cases. Happy Holidays! Koay Joo Bee

Admin and Founder

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