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Homeschooling During MCO Period

With The MCO (Movement Control Order) on from 18th March to 14 April 2020, parents have to do some form of "home schooling" with their kids during this period. This may mean teaching them living skills at home by teaching them to help around the house or guiding them with their online tuition or work assignments given by teachers via whatsapp or other digital media. Let's have a look at the ongoing discussion in our group right now. - How much does your transporter charge during MCO period - Are you still paying for nursery during MCO period - Do we have to pay full fare for transport during MCO - List of resources for parents doing homeschooling - Is your day care willing to refund fees paid - What brand of printer to buy - Things to do with kids at home

- Working from home - How to manage work and kids at the same time We hope this list will help parents with some of the issues we face during this challenging period. Let's take this opportunity to spend more time with the kids, getting them to help around the house on age appropriate tasks, guiding them with their school work or teaching them to work independently. Stay safe everyone! Koay Joo Bee

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These things are very good and I saw many countries in the world are practicing this. At some sides I saw government start a TV channel where tutors provide complete lectures. Writing such ukessay review is good because many students who do not know about it can contact to their schools to add them into Whatsapp groups.

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