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How are kids and parents coping with PdPR

The Ministry of Education just announced an extension of PdPR (Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran di Rumah) or Teaching and Learning at Home to start from after end of the school holidays 13 or 14 Jun for 25 days up to 16 or 17 Jul. Students will then have the mid year school holidays up to 25 or 26 July. This means kids will be cooped up at home right up to end of July. What does this mean to kids and parents and what issues will we face as parents? Let's have a look at the ongoing discussion in our parents FB group. 1. How are kids who started school in 2020/2021 coping? 2. How interactive are online classes? (Poll) 3. What are the alternative mobile Prepaid packages for student use? 4. How are kids coping in not being able to meet friends? 5. What is a good webcam to use for online lessons? Finally, with kids being online so much and having access to gadgets and internet connection from a very young age, how do you manage them? How do you block kids from downloading certain games from store to phone? Are these the challenges you are facing too? You are not alone. Network with other parents to view the linked discussions. Join our Facebook groups: FB group for Primary school parents (join to view the above discussion) FB group for Secondary school parents (with SPM results 2020 just out, we are now talking about planning for tertiary studies. Join our discussion or follow as a silent reader.) #stayhomestaysafe

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