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How to juggle time between working from work, housework and managing kids studies

With kids studying at home and parents working from home, there is now a shift in our time and work management. Our kids need our support now more than ever, especially younger kids. Parents who are working from home are now finding it challenging to juggle their time between working from home, household chores and managing their kids studies in particularly if the kids are young and where there are multiple kids. How do you manage several kids online lessons and homework while having to attend various zoom meetings with bosses and colleagues and at the same time churn out breakfast, lunch and dinner for the family while keeping the house clean at the same time?! You are not alone. Let's read this week's discussion in our group. - How to manage too much homework during PdPR (Home-based teaching and learning)

- How to juggle time working from home and managing kids studies - Are parents and students feeling online class fatique? Other trending topics this week include a "Have you been vaccinated poll" on how many parents have been vaccinated or are still waiting for their appointments. We are also having a Let's Read! Giveaway on Facebook. Join now for a chance to win lovely books for your child. Let's occupy them with books rather than gadgets since they are already spending so much time online for lessons, tuition or co-curricular activities. Until another week, stay safe!

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