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Kolej Matrikulasi path to public university

Lately there has been a lot of talk on Kolej Matrikulasi as a path to public university due to the recent announcement on matriculation spots for all SPM 10As students. Some of the common ways to enter public university in Malaysia other than STPM are through 1. Kolej Matrikulasi or Malaysian Foundation program to public university

2. Asasi which is foundation course for specific public universities

3. Direct intakes to public universities

Parents can do a Google search to find out more about each of the methods. Today we will only focus on Kolej Matrikulasi. Kolej Matrikulasi (Matriculation College) in Malaysia is a pre-university program managed by the Ministry of Education, preparing students for entry into public universities. It is also accepted by some private universities. Here are some links to our previous posts and FB group discussion on this topic: 1. Kolej Matrikulasi - often overlooked path to public universities

You can also search the group for keywords like 'kolej matrikulasi' or 'matriculation' etc. to access more discussion on this topic. If you are thinking of this pathway for your children, it may be a good idea to do a lot of research and planning and connect with other parents who had or have kids in Kolej Matrikulasi.

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