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Merry Christmas 2019

The time has flown so quickly and we are now counting down to Christmas and then quickly followed by the New Year 2020! Have you done all your back to school shopping yet? If you are shopping for revision books to get a head start, we have some tips for you here: Revision Books From Oxford Fajar. Getting an insight on the published books from the publisher themselves is very useful to get a better idea which book to pick for our children. For example, some books are published to match the learning style of students, eg visual learners, or those who like details or straight to the point quick facts. We are also running a giveaway at the same time, the last giveaway for 2019! It's very easy to join, Who knows? You may be the lucky one to win a set of revision books for your child! Join the giveaway here. The PT3 results for 2019 is just out. Those with children in lower secondary school may like to note that there are 8 + 1 papers with grades in PT3. They are Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Melayu (Lisan), Bahasa Inggeris, Sejarah, Geografi, Matematik, Sains, Rekabentuk dan Teknologi/Asas Sains Komputer. The +1 paper is Bahasa Cina which is not compulsory for Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan. A few things for parents to note.

- Starting from 2020, the PT3 exam is decentralized and will be a fully school based exam.

- Students can choose to sit for either Rekabentuk dan Teknologi (RBT) or Asas Sains Komputer (ASK) depending on which subject the school offers. Choices are made starting from Form 1

- Just like Bahasa Melayu assessments, students also sit for speaking and listening tests for Bahasa Inggeris and Bahasa Cina too. However, these are combined with the written paper and only one grade is given whereas Bahasa Melayu is split into Bahasa Melayu (the written paper) and Bahasa Melayu (Lisan) I hope this info is useful for parents with children moving on to secondary school in 2020. It's the holiday season so let's forget about exams now and enjoy the rest of the holidays with our children. Happy Holidays!

Koay Joo Bee

Admin and Founder

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