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New Normal in Education

"Blended learning is an approach to education that combines online educational materials and opportunities for interaction online with traditional place-based classroom methods" ~ Wikipedia

The new normal in education includes blended learning and it has happened almost overnight due to the pandemic. In less than a year, schools, teachers and students have hastened their ability to teach or learn online. It is indeed a blessing in disguise. Now everything can be done online including school open days, trial classes and actual classes. Like everything else that is new, the new normal is not without challenges and everyone needs to adapt to changes, and quickly. Challenges parents are facing with the new normal learning - How to get my P1 child to stay focused during online classes

- Any school exams this year?

- Anyone sending their kids to school after CMCO?

- Working parents' dilemma during CMCO. How to work from home with kids at home needing online lessons

- Google Classroom or Zoom? Which is better for online learning?

- What type of facial masks to get for kids with sensitive skin?

Other trending topics

- Tuition, daycare or online learning for P1 next year?

- How to inspire my P3 child to write Chinese essays?

- How to help my child with grammar, spelling and vocabulary (SJKC)

From the topics that were discussed, it is clear that parental support is required even more now under the new normal education with homes being turned into learning centers as lessons go online. Can we rise up to the challenge?

Stay safe everyone!

Koay Joo Bee

Admin and Founder

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