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Popular Topics This Week

The most trending topics this week from our FB group is "Coronavirus" and "Math and Science in English". In fact Coronavirus has been trending for two weeks now as concerned parents talked about and shared articles and news related to it. Too much sharing sometimes may not necessarily be a good thing as all kinds of articles were shared included those from tabloid sites. To avoid going into panic mode, the best thing to do is read only news from official sources like the World Health Organization on Coronavirus or get the current summaries from Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia on the Coranavirus situation.

Below are links to some of the related discussion.

- What is the cost of flu vaccine?

- Are you sending your kids to school or letting them stay home?

- What to do if school does not provide soap for the kids?

Other topics parents are concerned with this week

- What to do if your child is unhappy in school and wish to change school

- How are your kids coping at SJKC so far for non-Chinese speaking parents?

- Dilemma over heavy school bags

Finally, here's the press release issued by the Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia on the use of Math and Science in English. Interesting to note that as at January 2020, there are 2,292 schools on the DLP (Dual Language Programme). As with regards the implementation of Math and Science in English studies will first be conducted. Until next week!

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From our blog this week: Education Going Digital. Are You Keeping Up?

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