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Results for appeal for change of school std 1, 2021 is out. What to do next.

The results for appeal for change of school for children starting school in 2021 is out. Congratulations if your appeal for change of school is a success but what if it is rejected? What is the next step? From the discussion on our parenting platform, it looks like you either have to accept the results (your child may come to love the school) or you try and try again until your appeal is accepted. Some parents tried as many as 4 times before they achieved success. In the meantime, your child has to start school on January 20, 2021 in the school that was assigned to them. Note that your next appeal is no longer regarded as an "appeal". You have to request for a "transfer" after your child has started school. You may want to join the discussion threads if any of the following situations apply to you. - My appeal was approved but the school told me not to go to school. Pengesahan to be done online and just bring my child to school on January 20, 2021. - My child was assigned to school A, I appealed for school B but she was sent to school C. - My appeal was rejected. How to appeal again?

Parents with kids starting school may want to familiarize themselves with the guidelines and SOPs for schools for Covid-19 management. Similarly other parents may want to revisit these guidelines and make sure that the schools are following the guidelines especially now that the number of cases are rising again. The guidelines can be found here. On our part, we parents must make sure that our children are reminded on the importance of wearing masks, not touching their faces, frequently washing hands with soap and water or sanitizers and the proper handling of masks. We should keep our children home if they are feeling unwell. Besides the school, we should also ensure that the transporters are doing their part and following SOPs. Stay safe everyone!

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