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Revised SPM 2021 Schedule Printable Calendar

The Ministry of Education released a revised SPM 2021 schedule on 11 December 2021 after listening to feedback from the public. The subjects are now more spaced out and not held consecutively including on weekends. This will give students more breathing space, with rests in between and more time to prepare for the next exam. Below is a free printable SPM calendar for the SPM practical and SPM written examinations. Click on the calendar image, then right click and save on your device to print. We have included only the core subjects. You can add elective subjects by referring to the full revised SPM 2021 schedule here. Please use this official link as a reference point for your calendar to ensure accuracy. This is the first year where students will be sitting for Science practical exams. The Physics, Chemistry and Biology practical exams will all be held on the same day.

Some students are behind in their studies due to challenges in keeping up with online studies. Now they need to do some catching up to prepare for SPM2021 which will be held in March 2022.

Quick exam tips for SPM students

  1. Do not try to spot questions. Typically, questions will be asked from almost every chapter so it is advisable to cover the whole textbook

  2. For science and math, do a formula sheet to review the night before. This will help you jog your memory on what the chapter is all about and help you remember key issues including when and how to apply the formulas.

  3. Do a lot of past year questions. You can either search online for papers or buy model papers for each subject. These usually cost around RM6-7 and come with about 4 full sets of model papers. Do the past year questions or model papers according to time. Then review the answers and pay attention to areas where you took too long or got it wrong. Find out where you went wrong and work on those areas where you are weak. That is the function of doing past year papers ie to do under pressure as well as to find out areas where you are weak and gaps in your knowledge. The more you do, the more you will know what to expect.

  4. Make sure you take regular breaks in between. Use the podomoro technique of time management. Study for 40 to 45 minutes then take short breaks of 10 - 15 minutes. Use your short breaks to walk around the house and help in simple house chores.

  5. Don't let your social media distract you from your studies. Be disciplined to put it away while you are doing your revision and check it only during podomoro breaks.

  6. Keep yourself healthy. Exercise, get enough sleep and eat well.

All the best!

Koay Joo Bee

Admin and Founder

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