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School Holiday Activity Ideas

Updated: May 27, 2022

The school holiday is almost upon us. The first term holidays will be from 4th June 2022 to 12th June 2022 for states which observe Saturday and Sunday as weekend. It will start and end a day earlier for states which observe Friday and Saturday as weekend.

Here are 5 activities you can do with your kids this school holidays

1. Go roller blading at RollerWa, Level 1, 1UE 1Utama Shopping Centre (District K), Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. This is a car park turned skating rink. The beams in the car park have been softly padded to keep it safe. It is a Korean skating rink with Kpop music to listen to as you skate. The kids akin it to going to a disco without alchoholic drinks because of the disco like lighting. There are also Instagramable spots which teens and preteens love.

Opened from 10am to 10pm, the charges are RM40/2 hours or RM70/day for kids or RM50/2hours or RM80/day for adults inclusive or skates and safety gears. Tip, you may want to make your way there first thing in the morning to avoid school holiday crowds. We often make our way to Melaka Corner at 9.30am for a quick breakfast because it is opened early to cater to those who work there to grab a quick tapao meal.

2. Go Camping or Glamping, It's quite a trend to go Camping or Glamping these days, probably due to the better social distancing and air circulation you can get. You can either go for traditional camping, buy or rent your own equipment or if you prefer you can go glamping (glamourous camping) with resort style amenities available. Whichever it may be, book early to avoid disappointment. Here are 14 Best Camping and Glamping sites in Malaysia. Which do you prefer? Traditional camping or glamping? Check out what parents have to say about camping or glamping.

3. Start your own Urban Farm with your kids Get your kids excited about gardening and growing food by introducing them to urban farming. According to this article the Selangor state Agricultural Department (JPNS) gives out incentives for citizens who are interested in taking up urban farming. These range from RM500 for individuals to RM10,000 for community- or institution-level projects. You can help your children start up a vegetable farm at home this school holidays.

Here's where to get some vegetable seeds and gardening supplies online. This will help them to appreciate the environment better. When they are hands on in planting, they will be able to see the beauty of nature as the vegetables grow and also more likely to eat their own homegrown vegetables. We went the extra mile and set up a greenhouse and an irrigation system too. It is a fun and ongoing family project.

4. Visit a Library - Here are the top 37 Public Libraries in Malaysia. I like this list because it gives the opening days and time and a useful description of the fees or what types of books are available at the library. If your child likes to read books they will love this activity and be in awe at some of the bigger sized libraries. Some of these libraries are really beautiful too, like the Raja Tun Uda Library in Shah Alam. It is best to visit the libraries at the start of the holidays and near the end, so you can borrow and return the books.

5. Don't forget Homework and revision While its nice to have a vacation, we must not forget about the school holiday homework that teacher has given out. Make a little bit of time each day for your child to complete their homework. Don't procrastinate and leave it to the very last minute. Some kids like to rush to complete their work before the holiday starts while others totally forget about homework once holiday season starts. Which kid do you have at home? If you need homework help, check out AskBee, where you can get live on demand access to a tutor. If your child is younger, perhaps you can start them on phonics but first read What is Phonics and Why is it Important?

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