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Settling back into school life after back to school rush

After the back to school rush, parents and kids are now settling back down to school routine. Below are some of the questions that are being asked during this transition period. - Are kids allowed to wear earrings to school?

- Bahasa Arab or Tamil. Which to choose? - Are P4 - P6 kids allowed to choose their own extra cucurricular activities or is it assigned by school? - Which type of students seating arrangement in class do you prefer? - Are the P1 kids settled down? - Handling extra change from canteen when buying food during recess - Are my transporter fees reasonable? - When will all the students receive the financial aid of RM150? = P6 Sejarah only once a week? - ADD kid, to switch school or not? Read here and here. We hope that everyone has gotten back into the swing of things so that they can make the best of their time in school towards a successful academic year ahead. Before we end, did you know that the mid semester break for the first term is in April? Together with the Hari Raya Holidays and other holidays like Labour Day and Wesak Day, we are looking at a long break as follows. For Group A schools observing Fri and Sat as weekend 20 April to 29 April plus 1 May and 4 May For Group B schools observing Sat and Sun as weekend 20 April to 1 May and 4 May Koay Joo Bee

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