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Students returning to school in stages from 15 July 2020

Students are returning to school in stages from 15th July 2020. All students from Std 5 right up to Form 4 students will be returning to school on 15th July 2020 whereas students from Std 1 to Std 4 will be starting school again on 22 July 2020. New intake Form 6 students will also be starting school on 15th July. Form 5 and existing Form 6 students have already started schooling since 24 June. For larger schools, online learning may be set to continue alongside classroom learning in a new hybrid learning environment. Read our blog post: Back to school under the new normal for further details including dates for the amended school days and holidays calendar for 2020. Are you ready for back to school? Let's see what are on parent's minds recently from topics discussed in our Facebook group. - I'm not ready to send my child back to school. Is it possible for me to request for my child to continue staying at home?

- How to manage online learning

- What is your kindy's reopening plan like?

- Where can I get face shields for kids?

- I cannot decide whether to send my preschooler back to kindergarten!

Issues related to video conferencing and online learning

- Working parents, what kind of arrangement do you make for school online classes during working hours?

- P1 parents, has your child's school been using zoom or google meet?

- We just received online learning timetable. What about you?

- How is your child's online learning so far?

- Inappropriate texting during online lessons

- Should I buy a desktop computer or a laptop?

- Which laptop should I buy for online learning?

Many more topics were discussed by parents. However, as usual we bring to you only those that are most commented on. Please note that only members can read the topics as we are a private group on Facebook.

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