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Transitioning to Secondary School

Our primary school group on Facebook was started almost 10 years ago in 2013 with 50 parents. We now have 38,500 members. In 2016, some of the original members requested that the group be split into two and so that was how our Secondary School group on Facebook started. In fact, many of the original member's kids are now in secondary school. The secondary school FB group is open to not only parents with secondary school going kids but also to parents with primary school going kids who would like to plan ahead. With the secondary school placement results out, parents are again busy planning for the start of the academic school year for their soon to be secondary school going kids. Below are some of the FAQs currently being asked. How to apply to SMK? How to transfer school How to transfer school from KL to KL Are primary school UASA results shared to parents What subjects are tested for DLP entrance exam Importance of BM for DLP What are the tuition fees for Form 1 subjects SPM vs IGCSE Streaming for Form 4 students Parents who have concern about remove class can read our blog post on What you need to know about Remove Class or Kelas Peralihan for SJKC and SJKT students Those who wish to prepare their kids for secondary school english can read Five real-world skills students will learn in an English enrichment class for Secondary We hope that those who appealed to skip remove class or those who appealed for transfer to another secondary school of their choice will be successful in their appeals. Koay Joo Bee

Admin and Founder

Malaysia Primary School Parents On Facebook

Malaysia Secondary School Parents On Facebook

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