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Why Do We Go To School?

Hi everyone, This week we go back to basics as parents talk about why we send our kids to school. The type of schools is always not far from our minds as parents continue to ponder which is better... public or private doing national syllabus? Parents with older kids are wondering which type of pencils is best for use in the UPSR exams which is in less than 2 months. After the exams kids will graduate from primary schools to move on to secondary schools. What will you do if your child feels sad when asked to leave the whatsapp group of her old classmates when she changes school? As usual, we can't seem to stop talking about caning in schools with over 170 comments for this post on caning. That's all this week. If you are looking for local folk stories for upper primary school going kids, don't forget our members only discount is ending soon on 31st July, 2017 for these books. Until next week. Koay Joo Bee Admin Malaysia Primary and Secondary School Parents On Facebook P.S. Coming Soon: Early Writing workshop for parents. Watch out for our announcement on the blog and FB group

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