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Time For Big School

The most active members in our groups this week are parents with kids going to enter Standard One or Form One. That is natural because it is this group of parents who have the most preparation to do to get their children ready for school.

It's almost time for school, literally as parents start to ponder what type of watches to buy for their soon to be school going children. The topic of smart watches was also brought up. Do schools allow these watches? Read the links to find out.

Besides watches, parents were also talking about pocket money for school recess and book shop or emergency use. Would you give your child extra pocket money if you are catering food for their recess?

Meanwhile, in our secondary school parents group, parents are talking about school transfers, scientific calculators for Form 1 and safety pants for girls.

Another interesting topic brought up is the issue of quitting jobs to to become stay at home parents to coach our children in their studies. Would you do it?

It's just slightly over a week before 2018 at the point of writing. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Koay Joo Bee Admin and Founder Malaysia Primary School Parents On Facebook Malaysia Secondary School Parents On Facebook Malaysia Market For Children Preloved And Childrens Items

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