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Education News Roundup 18 November 2017

The biggest news this week which all parents with kids in P6 have been waiting for is the date of UPSR results.

The UPSR results will be announced on Thursday 23 November 2017. This is similar to past years where the results are usually announced around the time schools break for the year end holidays.

This week there are some interesting statistics in the news. For example...

  1. 300 Dual Language Programme (DLP) schools have quadrupled to 1200 in one year. In related news, read about how teacher training is crucial to the programme and the importance of not forgetting the rural kids.

  2. 113 schools attained good or excellent level in High Order Thinking Skill (HOTS)

  3. There are about 408 national and government-assisted mission schools in Malaysia. To date there are already 12 primary, 11 secondary and 4 international schools which are privatized educational institutions owned by religious missions.

  4. On the average, there are more than 65 non-Chinese students to every 100 students at SJKCs in Sabah

  5. More than 40 percent of children who said that online safety is important continue to exercise low levels of online protection

  6. About 90,000 students from 1,000 primary and secondary schools throughout the country participated in a nationwide Hour of Code (HOC) campaign organized by The Education ministry and MDEC to encourage the younger generation to learn coding.

Wow! That's a lot of interesting facts and figures for parents with kids in primary or secondary school. to digest this week. We put them all together on one page for your easy reference. We hope busy parents like you will find this useful.

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